Monday, 10 November 2008


Greeting from Unsri :)
haha. I'm in the library right now, finishing my assignment. Got another midtest on 12.30 and I haven't study anything. I spent my whole night, painting for nia's birthday card. And it turned out so weird. I kinda miss painting. I should paint more often now.

I'm planning to buy some painting books, you know, those books with instructions how to paint and stuff. lol.


Yesterday, I had this short coversation with a friend about us being grown ups. We were talking how weird to be called a grown up, while we think that we're still a child. When people called us 'adult' or 'grown up', I only take it as a phrase. I never take it seriously. But then, when I think about it again, it means something! Well, beside you have an ID card, it means that you're a part of the society and your thoughts are needed.

"perasaan yang berkembang cuma pelajarannya, bukan kita"

That's what she said. Weird. But I feel the same way too. Maybe, we change, but we can't feel it. People around us can. Next year, I turn 18. And getting older freaks me out, people does get older. But it's weird how, we change and develop. I don't wanna live my childhood, my teenage life. But this is life and time goes. You got to face it.

But, why do I feel I'm not ready to be a grown up and getting old?

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